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Our events fill up quickly - so be sure to reserve your spot now for all the fun times to be had.  The events at TJ's will definitely leave you with a truly lasting impression!  Click here to view our rates & pricing.  New events are always being added, so check back often for the latest updates!

Please note that you must make a reservation for each event you plan to attend, and be at least 21 years old.

Starting in January 2022, the first Saturday of each month will have a drawing for all those who attend. If you win, you get into all the parties for the rest of the month for free!

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Saturday, December 3rd
TJ's Blackout Rave Party!

The lights go out and the tone is set! Remember: the freaks come out at night. Get ready for some seductive fun. Let your minds wander. What fun can you stir up in the dark? Are you willing to allow the freak in you to escape... even if only for a few hours?

How will you dress? The typical glow sticks and LED lights? Or perhaps body paints or ribbons that will glow in the dark, yet hide any areas you choose? What body parts would you accent and how?

Come out and join in on the freaky fun! TJ's is a place where you can live out... what others only fantasize about.

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Friday, December 9th
TJ's Gang Bang Party!

This one is for the ladies! Get more bang for your buck! If one is not enough, then this is your night!

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Saturday, December 10th
TJ's Couples and Single Ladies Party!

This party will only be open for couple and single ladies.

Imagine your wife or girlfriend sitting somewhere inside the club, wondering who will be the person she invites to enjoy her just as you would. Her eyes finally lock in on someone. Maybe it's the good looking stud at the end of the bar, maybe it's the sexy seductress showing off on the dance pole... You don't have to imagine it anymore, make that fantasy your next memory!

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Saturday, December 17th
TJ's World Famous Christmas Party!

We will be giving away 10 -- that's right TEN! -- admissions to our World Famous New Year's Eve Party! We will also be receiving a visit from Naughty Mr. & Mrs. Claus, and they'll be handing out gifts! A limited menu will be served.

Giveaway admissions to the New Year's Eve party are non-transferable and can only be used for the 2022 New Year's Eve party. If a winner has already made a deposit they will receive a credit for future parties.

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Saturday, December 31st
TJ's World Famous New Year's Eve Party!

We have the biggest and best New Year's Eve party around! We'll kick the party off at 7pm and go straight through until 3am! Dinner will be served until 11pm. The main course will be chicken cordon bleu or steak-- both will be served with a baked potato and vegetable. We'll also be serving our battered butterflied shrimp as a side with every meal. A vegetarian meal will be available. Save room for some great desserts and plan ahead for our to die for appetizer bar!

We'll have all your New Year's Eve party favors, and of course a champagne toast at midnight! That will all be followed by a breakfast buffet at 1am.

TJ's is trying to make your holiday special and yet affordable because we care about our members. You get all of this for a price you can't resist! Prices are as follows:
Couples: $130
Single gentlemen: $150
Single ladies: $45

We are requiring a $80 deposit, refundable until December 19th. Single ladies must pay in full. If you pay in full in advance before 12/19 with cash you will get $20.00 off, and single ladies will receive $15.00 off.

Make your reservations ASAP because it will fill up fast and we will limit the attendance so that everyone can have plenty of room to party! You won't get this deal anywhere else, so don't miss it!

Everyone attending this event will get a $20 off coupon for a future party. We will not take a reservation without a deposit, and rooms must be paid in full at the time of your deposit. Make your reservation now!