club rates


New Simplified Pricing!
We've made it easier to figure out what you'll be paying when you come in. Please see the chart below.

Arriving Late? An additional charge will apply if arriving after 11:00PM.

  Single Males Single Females Couples
Membership One-Time Trial Membership
(One night only)

If you decide to purchase an annual membership before the end of the evening, the cost of the temporary membership will be applied to the annual fee.
$15 $15 $15

Annual Membership

$50 $25 $50
Add a female to an existing membership: $10
Add a male to an existing membership: $25
Event Fees
Friday Nights $90 $20 $65
Saturday Nights $125 $20 $80

Take $5 off any of the above event prices when you pay in cash!
Certain events have special pricing. All specially priced events will have information about the cost in the event description.

  Friday Nights Saturday Nights
VIP Rooms
(There is a $25 handling fee for no-shows or cancellations the day of the party.)
Regular Rate $100 $110
(Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween and Christmas)
$125 $125
Party Rooms Regular Rate $70 $70
Holidays (as noted above) $90 $90

Requesting a specific room?
An additional charge of $20 will apply if your request is filled.